A once all-powerful corporation is suddenly politically toxic in Virginia

Mike Tidwell is director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. LaDelle McWhorter is chairperson of Virginia Organizing.

More than 60 candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates have rejected campaign contributions from fossil-fuel giant Dominion Energy. Two candidates for governor, a Democrat and a Republican, have, too. It’s the equivalent of an earthquake.

Why is this happening to Dominion, the once all-powerful corporation that has “owned” Richmond for decades? To understand, all you have to do is visualize verdant Roberts Mountain in Nelson County, nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge range of central Virginia.

Federal regulators have revealed that Dominion intends to remove the tops of mountains, including Roberts Mountain, to build a pipeline for gas from hydraulic fracturing. Indeed, using publicly available documents, opponents of the pipeline have shown that the summit of Roberts Mountain could be “reduced” by 60 feet, literally exploded away.

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