Meathouse Fork in W.Va., below the Stonewall Gathering Pipeline construction zone. Photo by Michael Barrick; courtesy Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition.

Dominion Resources wants the public to think the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a done deal. So, in a classic “fake news” move, company execs held a tele-press conference yesterday where they basically said as much.

They say they have obtained most of the land, materials and services needed. They say they have completed much of the steel-pipe for the 600-mile pipeline. They say that all permits will be approved by this fall, and they’ll break ground soon after.

They say a lot.

They don’t say even more.

For example, despite repeated requests from citizens groups, Dominion officials have not told the public how they’re going to control erosion and stormwater along the miles of proposed route in the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia, nor how they’re going to stabilize the numerous, incredibly steep slopes they would cross.

Nor have they said exactly how they are going to handle the excess rock and dirt that would result from blasting along 38 miles of high ridges in the two states.

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