Pipeline Protest
Protesters gathered at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality office in Harrisonburg last month to speak out against the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines.

DAILY NEWS-RECORD VIA The Associated Press

Dominion plans to build the Atlantic Coast Pipeline through the heart of Virginia’s most intact forests and steep mountain landscapes. It will cross Virginia waterways approximately 1,000 times, including many streams, rivers, and wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Construction of this pipeline would mean the large-scale disturbance of thousands of acres of land in its path, putting hundreds of our streams, rivers, and wetlands at risk of harmful sediment pollution from erosion and stormwater runoff. What’s more, clearing this land means thousands of acres of trees and forested land that keep our air and water clean will be gone, and more pollutants will be able to flow into our waters.

Richmond Times-Dispatch – Greg Buppert and Peggy Sanner – 10.08.2017

Posted by Nelson Bailey

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