Gas agreement near completion

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) that would allow Buckingham County access and control of 200 acres along a proposed lateral line off of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) could be agreed to by all parties as soon as next month. “We finally have reached a...

Close the Halliburton Loop

Why is fracking exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, and five other bedrock environmental laws? In 2005, thanks to oil and gas industry lobbying, the EPA was stripped of its authority to regulate fracking. It’s called the Halliburton loophole....

‘Shut this madness down’

I think it is reasonable to expect household plumbing to leak. Now add to that a 42-inch, high-pressure, toxic, fracked-gas, 600-mile pipeline with shutoff valves every 20 miles and one Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration inspector for every 5,000...

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