You don’t need to rely on environmentalists’ climate calculations to know the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is carbon budget buster. Just look at the numbers provided in the past month by Dominion Energy Virginia and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

On July 14th, Dominion responded to interrogatories filed in the matter of the power company’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) now being considered by its regulator, the State Corporation Commission. In its responses, Dominion provided estimated carbon-pollution emissions through the year 2042 for eight different scenarios, Plans A – H. Dominion disclosed that its 2017 carbon pollution emissions will be 40 million tons per year, and that every one of its eight alternative plans will increase carbon pollution over the next 25 years.

Climate scientists modeling what it will take to avoid the worst impacts of climate change tell us that we must reduce carbon pollution by 80% by 2050 to keep the earth’s global average temperature below a 3.6 degree Fahrenheit increase. Maybe you don’t think 80% by 2050 is necessary or feasible, but if you are willing to concede that as a society we need to begin reducing carbon pollution through investments in solar, wind and efficiency, then you have to be disappointed that the best Dominion can do in its current long range plan is a 5% increase in one plan that would rely on a new $20 billion North Anna 3 nuclear reactor (Plan H-from 40 million tons per year of CO2 in 2017 to 41.89 MTY in 2042). Other plans show even greater increases in carbon pollution maxing out at 34% in Plan A (from 40 MTY in 2017 to 53.80 MTY in 2042).

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Blue Virginia – Glen Besa -08/11/2017

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