I take great exception with Aaron Ruby’s comments in Gabe Cavallaro’s Aug. 2 story regarding Dominion’s treatment of property owners whose property would be taken from them by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Mr. Ruby states that they will be treated fairly and respectfully. That’s hardly the case. Besides the damage done to our property last January when an unannounced survey crew hacked down our Mountain Laurel grove, we have had nothing but trouble from Dominion.

In April 2016 we were told that a crew would survey our property, and we drove down from Maryland to accompany them. They didn’t show up, and later told us they would survey in several weeks. They didn’t come once again, and four months later we received a subpoena for not giving them permission to enter our property. They don’t need our permission. The judge called out Dominion for bringing the case against us. It was harassment. Other landowners have been treated similarly.

We have not received complete and accurate survey reports, including karst findings, despite five letters to Dominion, and even after I accompanied the karst surveyor, and pointed out the two sinking streams on either side of the proposed pipeline. This should be a prohibiting factor in pipeline placement. I did, however, receive an incorrect report that showed two tidal areas above 3,000 feet elevation and over 100 miles from any tidal waters! I am very concerned that Dominion can safely build a very large gas pipeline through the steep mountains and karst terrain of western Virginia with mistakes like this.

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The News Leader – William Limpert – 08/09/2017

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