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There are many ways that you can contribute, according to your capacities and interests. If you have time, we’ve got tasks for you! If you haven’t much time, but you’ve got love, prayers and/or money – please send them our way!

Educate yourself, then reach out to your community to share this critical information. Your life does matter and you can make a difference. Together, United we stand… Find your voice, and sing it out loud n clear!

Take Action!  VOLUNTEER!

1.  Help set up events. Attend events.

2.  Get a yard sign, and bumper sticker. Get a royal blue and white NO PIPELINE t-shirt to wear at events to show solidarity and alliance with our neighbors. We are members of ABRA: Allegheny Blue Ridge Alliance – now 44 member organizations strong! The many ways to show your support, hold the vigil.

3.  On your own, or with Friends of Buckingham volunteers, please talk to neighbors and reach out to others throughout the county.  It’s easy!  We can coach you and provide you with simple talking points.
Q&A on ACP
FOB Compressor Station
We have videos you can borrow or buy and share them with friends and family.

4.  Let the people making the local decisions know what you want them to do. Attend the monthly Board of Supervisors meetings – second Mondays, and Planning Commission Meetings – fourth Mondays, at 7 pm in the County Administration Building. Keep up a constant presence – let them know we do care about our homes, our community and that they are there to serve us!

5.  Check the records of your public servants. Make weekly phone calls – we’ve made it really easy for you – click on “Make a Phone Call”. The moratorium on fracking in New York State was accomplished by the grass roots keeping constant pressure on elected officials. Let’s turn our drops into oceans.

6.  Spread the word on social media.  Please follow us on Facebook.

7.  Write letters to the editor and representatives. Click on the “Write a letter” button above. There are sample letters and tips on how to write your own. Snail mail addresses are posted, and available online letter writing links are there. We’ve made it so easy!

8.  We would love to have a “press room” of folks who stay on top of the media reports and follow up with dynamic letters to the editor, other action alerts.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Divest: Take a look at the larger picture and how our dependence on fossil fuels is damaging our land, water, air, communities and, the good news, is not necessary – there are viable alternatives.  Put your investments in a sustainable future. Help end financial support of the fossil fuel industry:  Divest-Invest.

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