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Your donation will be used more effectively by us if you would please take the time to mail a check directly to Friends of Buckingham. Be sure to follow the directions for writing a check. Thank you again!

Our Mission:

Friends of Buckingham’s mission is to protect the natural resources and cultural heritage of Buckingham County and to promote sustainable social and economic wellbeing. We stand in opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).

Mail a Check

Mail Checks to:
Friends of Buckingham,
P.O. Box 61,
Buckingham, VA 23921

Your contributions to FoB are tax deductible.

NOTE:     To be an IRS tax deduction, your check must be made out to: Virginia Organizing (with “Friends of Buckingham” noted in the memo line).

Friends of Buckingham is incorporated and has a Joint Plan of Work with Virginia Organizing. Virginia Organizing a 501(c)(3) non-profit that accepts tax deductible grants and donations on behalf of Friends of Buckingham, in accordance with the law.

Donations of any size are welcome!

We are an all-volunteer organization and we need your help! Your donations of prayers, love, time and or money can make the difference! We need help with:

  • Educating citizens in Buckingham County in a coordinated effort to stop the pipeline.
  • Improving our communications with landowners, the Buckingham Community and beyond.
  • Forging alliances with other organizations that oppose the ACP.
  • Countering Dominion’s propaganda through outreach, education.
  • Hiring experts as needed to identify and protect Buckingham County’s environment and economy, which will be impacted by the proposed pipeline.**
  • Please help fund our fliers, yard signs, bumper stickers, website, guest speakers, etc.
  • We would love to be able to have a full time paid position to help relieve our volunteers who have been more than generously giving of their souls; let alone time and money. We need to think of the long run and preserve our valuable assets, our volunteers.

We’ve successfully funded our Buckingham County Economic Impact Study by KeyLog Economics!  Thank You!!! Your donations can continue to make the difference in opposing the ACP! 

What we’ve used your contributions for so far:

Friends of Buckingham has contracted with Yogaville Environmental Solutions (YES) to have an environmental and economic study done for Buckingham.

**Spencer Phillips, Ph.D. is the Principal of Key-Log Economics, LLC and a natural resource economist with more than 20 years’ experience helping people, communities, and institutions understand and attain the benefits of improved land stewardship. He seeks science-based policy and market solutions that foster positive, sustainable connections between community, economic, and ecosystem health. His current research portfolio focuses on the assessment of ecosystem service values, especially as impacted by climate change, public land and resource management, and water quality improvement; and on the economic development implications of land stewardship. He is adjunct faculty at the University of Virginia, where he teaches microeconomics, ecological economics, natural resource policy, and spatial analysis for public policy, and in Goucher College’s graduate programs in Environmental Studies and Cultural Sustainability. He has previously served the cause of conservation in a variety of research and organizational leadership roles at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, The Wilderness Society, NorthWoods Stewardship Center, and the Northeast Wilderness Trust. He holds a B.A. in economics from the University of Virginia and a Ph.D. in agricultural and applied economics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute.
Phillips has extensive experience reviewing, commenting on, and helping to shape the outcome of federal NEPA processes. Through review and comment of draft proposals, he has also contributed to the formation of the BLM and Forest Service directives/rules regarding ecosystem services and other economic implications of planning and management decisions taken by those agencies.
Read the comments they have already submitted to FERC, anticipating their more complete study.
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