The mission of the Friends of Buckingham is to protect the natural environment and cultural heritage of Buckingham County.

Friends of Buckingham, Working together for a better community.

We now face a major threat to Buckingham and the entire state of Virginia. A Canadian exploration company found gold in Buckingham. Here’s what that could mean for this community:

  • An open-pit mine hundreds of acres wide and hundreds of feet deep, pulling water from our well sources
  • Massive cyanide waste lagoons
  • Contaminated drinking water, streams, rivers, and lakes
  • Taxpayers left paying millions for an unsalvageable toxic waste site.

We have a fundamental right to clean water, air, and land. A gold mine would violate those rights.

Read more about the fight to ban gold-mining, learn what actions you can take.

Gold pint in Haile, SC

Stopping the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

After more than seven years fighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, we WON!

Read about our successful efforts to protect the natural wonders of Virginia.

VAIPL at Union Grove July 26, 2018
Industrial gold mine

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