Community activists and the energy company that plans to build the Atlantic Coast Pipeline are all trying to make sense of a state board’s conditional approval of a water quality permit for the project.

It requires Dominion Energy provide final, more detailed plans for karst mitigation, erosion and sediment control, and storm water before it issues a certification to start construction.

Environmental groups argue the state Department of Environmental Quality should have required Dominion provide all that information before the board considered the water quality impacts of the project.

“Dominion has more work to do. The Department of Environmental Quality has more work to do in terms of analyzing water quality impacts that are anticipated for this project. That work should have been done before they brought this before the board, and it wasn’t. The board did a good thing by buying itself more time to review that,” Peter Anderson of Appalachian Voices said.

Dominion says it’s still evaluating what steps it needs to take to meet the conditions of the permit and sees this as a “very positive step forward for the project.” Dominion cannot start construction on the pipeline in Virginia without this approval.

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NBC 29  – Matt Talhelm – 12.13.2017

Posted by: Nelson Bailey

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