In “Atlantic Coast Pipeline Builder set to seize property” (Nov. 17), it says “the Atlantic Coast Pipeline has undisputed legal authority to use private land for the project,” giving the impression that because eminent domain is being used this project is necessary for the public good. But is it?

The pipeline would be used to transport fracked gas, which has been proven to leak large amounts of methane during production, making it more disastrous for the climate than burning coal. Pipelines also leak. The Keystone pipeline just leaked 210,000 gallons of oil into the South Dakota landscape.

The landowners blocking this pipeline are not just protecting their own land. They are blocking the release of more climate-destabilizing, polluting fossil fuels into our air and water and soil. Duke Energy falsely claims more natural gas plants are needed along with the pipelines supplying them. The truth is much of our energy can now be provided by safe solar energy and battery storage. Pipelines are being built because the government guarantees a 16 percent rate of return on investment. They are moneymakers for the builders. There is an alternative plan for our energy future: NC Clean Path 2025. Look it up. We need to change course.

See article:

The News & Observer – 11.25.2017

Posted by: Nelson Bailey

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