The public comment period for the application of sludge to our neighboring lands closes on January 6. Submitting comments allows you to testify at the State Water Control Board [SWCB] meeting in March 2017, where final approval is expected. It also lets the Department of Environmental Quality [DEQ] and the SWCB know that we care, and goes on record. These agencies are rubber stampers, but none the less, important hoops to jump through. The link to the DEQ webpage with permit information, including site books, is here.

We are told by veterans in this epic battle, that the best approach is to encourage the landowners to with draw their permission for sludge application before the permits get approved. It’s more difficult to with draw afterwards but not impossible. So, please, if you know any of the landowners, give them the info we’ve collected on this site under the category: Pollution – other sources, sludge, biosolids. Again, the March meeting of the SWCB will be when permitting get finalized.

History: Contiguous landowners were notified by postcard from the DEQ [barely legible] in June 2016 about a public informational hearing at the Lovingston Court House. Due to large public interest, a public hearing was held on December 8, 2016 in the same location.

The following documents are very helpful:

This permit includes a large acreage in the Wingina, Nelson County area on the James River. There are several landowners who have withdrawn from this contract after hearing the pressing concerns about sludge. One large tract was directly across from Yogaville. There is another permit application currently pending in Buckingham. We would appreciate help to look into this one. Anyone?

It is always better to use your own words to describe concerns about the dumping of sewage sludge onto our community, but among the concerns that you might cite are contamination of well water, contamination of surface waters, the spread of infectious diseases by Class B biosolids, the spread of infectious prions which has been proven to affect the deer population, the presence of dangerous engineered metal nano-particles in the sludge,  and the risk of airborne particles affecting vulnerable individuals who live, work, or go to school nearby.

You do not have to be a resident of Nelson County to make a comment or to speak in front of the Board about this permit.

All concerned citizens are encouraged to comment and participate in this process in order to ensure that our communities remain safe as possible from the problems associated with the land application of sewage sludge.

To make a comment now, please see the sample letter that is already to go with your signature, created by Tyla Matteson:  Biosolids letter to DEQ

OR you may use the sample template below for your convenience. Please copy and paste it into a new email to send to Ms. Mundy at DEQ.

Ms. Sarah Mundy
(fax 540-574-7878)
DEQ Valley Regional Office
4411 Early Road
P.O. Box 3000
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Re: Nelson County modification of permit VPA01576 Synagro Central LLC

Dear Ms. Mundy

Please accept this as a comment regarding the permit VPA01576 to authorize the land application of biosolids to an additional approximate 1,923 acres in Nelson County.

My Name ____________________________


Telephone __________________________

How this affects me ________________


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