Your Renewable News | The alliance for solar choice: Illinois energy bill passes without anti-solar, anti-consumer provisions

Illinois legislators voted today to pass energy legislation (S.B. 2814) without anti-consumer, anti-solar proposals like mandatory demand charges and ending net metering, and will revise the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).

The removal of demand charges and reinstatement of net metering in SB 2814 happened in the wake of a backlash from the public and consumer advocates, including Governor Rauner’s office, calling demand rates “insane rates.” The fix to the state’s broken RPS will increase the share of power coming from renewable sources, like wind and solar, to 35% by 2030 (up from the current target of 25% by 2025). Prior to this agreement, Illinois was meeting the criteria of its less-audacious RPS goals by investing in clean energy projects being built by neighboring states. Illinois was not only sending money to help grow the economies of other states, but it was also missing out on countless clean energy jobs and economic growth in-state.

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