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IMG_2016We are a group of of Buckingham County citizens united to work with our county leaders to attract economic investment opportunities that benefit all of our residents, and that contribute to a sustainable healthy environment. We are dedicated to celebrating our county’s diverse cultural heritage, our rural lifestyle, and to protecting our natural resources and last, remaining, wild places.

Towards that end, we are committed to protecting our health and environment from any outside interests that seek to exploit our natural resources, such as the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP, formerly known as the Dominion Southeast Reliability Project) .

Working jointly with neighboring counties.,also threatened by this project (Nelson, Augusta, Highland, and others), we help local residents to learn more about the ACP and to express their concerns and opposition to it through writing letters to their representatives, newspapers, and to the organizations and governing bodies that are involved in the pipeline approval and construction process.

There are many volunteer opportunities as we explore options for creating a positive, economic and environmental future for Buckingham County. Currently many of us are focusing on stopping the pipeline which we consider to be an environmental hazard to all who live here. But if you have other ideas of how the citizens of Buckingham might grow and prosper don’t be afraid to call and offer suggestions, better still, start your own category and use the website as a place to advertise your club or service.

Interested in helping? We are looking for all sorts of energy, writing articles, research, and many more areas where you might be able to help your friends and neighbors with your experience and expertise. Remember, this is a community, and as such, when we help each other to prosper we help ourselves. Don’t be afraid to stand up and let your light shine!

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