All Virginians! Please let the NAS hear your concerns about industrial gold mining! Please attend the listening session on Wednesday May 25, 7-9 pm. Click here for more information.

You can attend in person in Dillwyn, Buckingham County at the Community Center, located in the Buckingham Library. Sign up to comment by 8 pm.

OR register to attend and/or comment by 4 pm for the Zoom meeting.

Check out these talking points here.

Also, the NAS will be touring Buckingham Thursday May 26. To join those events, please click here.

Can’t attend either way?

  1. Please submit your written comments to the NAS on their website here. In the upper right hand corner click on “Provide feedback on this project”.
  2. Would you take one more important action? Let the State [who hired NAS to do the study of gold mining] also know how you feel. Please submit comments through the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall on the public comment forum on the gold mining study.

Buckingham County website announces this event!


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