The Mariner East 2 pipeline project can produce a visceral reaction from people in the community — often those concerned about safety and quality of life as evidenced in vocal displays of opposition at municipal meetings and elsewhere.

There’s also a contingent who feel strongly about the positive impact from the project being in Pennsylvania, as outlined in a Sunoco Pipeline-funded economic analysis released recently.

And while the two sides advocate for their causes, elected officials tread delicately between the two.

Last week, Philadelphia-based Econsult Solutions Inc. released a report claiming a $9 billion economic impact related to the pipeline construction, almost double what it had estimated three years ago. Of that, $5 billion was slated for construction expenditures in Pennsylvania. The report was funded by Sunoco Pipeline L.P. and its parent company, Energy Transfer Partners.

The Mariner East project consists of different phases of installing pipeline connecting parts of western Pennsylvania and Ohio, where the Marcellus and Utica shales are located, with Marcus Hook to move natural gas liquids to the area for storage, processing and distributing to local, regional and global markets.

The first phase, Mariner East 1, has been completed and is operating. The majority of it re-purposed a former petroleum line for the movement of natural gas liquids.

The second phase, Mariner East 2, involves the construction of a 350-mile pipeline that was initially planned for 16 inches in width but was expanded to 20 inches in width after demand for the products emerged during a Sunoco open season.

Since then, the company intends to build an additional pipeline alongside this one and this is called Mariner East 2X.

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Posted by: Nelson Bailey

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