About 30 protesters occupied Gov. Roy Cooper’s office Friday morning in downtown Raleigh, launching what they called a civil disobedience movement to block the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Protesters said they are initiating the next stage of their opposition to the planned natural gas pipeline a week after Cooper’s administration issued a key environmental permit for the 600-mile underground conduit. The activists said the permit approval represents a failure of democracy in the face of political and business pressure.

The protestors, including activists from other states invited to organize and participate, sat on the ground floor of a state office building and sang songs, held hands, led prayers, shared testimonials and displayed handmade signs. One hugged a police officer.

The activists said a core group of about a dozen would remain on the premises until forcibly removed or arrested. State Capitol Police officers stood guarding hallways into the building and a receptionist worked on a computer and answered phone calls as the the protestors sat in their midst.

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The News and Observer – John Murawski – 02.02.18

Posted by: Nelson Bailey

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