Flying to Haile Gold Mine

April 04 2020, near Kershaw SC, and a little trip back in time along the way with Brian Pittman.  Brian and family, fly directly over the 4,000+ acre gold mine, reaching it at about 5 minutes, but it can be seen from the distance once the kite flyers are aloft.



Aston Bay CEO, Thomas Ullrich, goes through Aston Bay’s corporate presentation, comparing Buckingham to the Haile mine. More information can be found at its website at:

Farmville Herald

Planning Commission Meeting October 26; Article published Monday, November 2, 2020

Public weighs in on gold mining in Buckingham


Farmville Herald

Letter to the Editor by Stephanie Rinaldi, published 11/4/2020

LETTER — We will not be distracted any longer

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