HAOL 2016 flyer

Join us! Bring your prayers, t-shirts, signs, hopes n dreams!

Thursday, August 18, 6:30 pm
Please arrive at 6 pm.
Rt 56, Wingina Bridge crossing the James River,
linking Nelson and Buckingham Counties.

Please see the flyer for the event, link below:   haol 2016(2) (1)

For more information about this national event, please go to: HAOL

There will be interfaith prayers offered at the HAOL event at Wingina Bridge. There will also be prayers offered closer to the proposed compressor station site. Please join us at  5pm at Union Hill Baptist Church. We will caravan from there to a neighbor’s land who is next to the proposed site.

Union Hill Baptist Church
1496 Union Hill Road
Buckingham 23921


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