Press Release: A Statement on Behalf of the Buckingham County Democratic Committee

Feb 16, 2019 | Environmental Justice, Press Releases

In a surprisingly bold statement released to the press, Buckingham County Dems say that  “Gov. Northam can cease the environmental racism and great injustice that is being besieged upon Buckingham County’s Union Hill Community.”

Buckingham County Democratic Committee
Buckingham, Virginia

Media Contact:
Louise Davis, Committee Chairman, 434-806-7600,

A Statement on Behalf of the Buckingham County Democratic Committee

BUCKINGHAM — The Buckingham County Democratic Committee releases the following statement regarding the recent allegations and statements of Gov. Ralph Northam, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, and Attorney Gen. Mark Herring:

“As we stated in a prior statement, we are very disappointed and dismayed in Gov. Northam participating in an activity that is demeaning and humiliating to African-American people, or any other race, for that matter. He was wrong to do that he did in 1984 — the year that Jesse Jackson ran for President, a milestone for African Americans and the American people. Our nation has no room for actions such as that of Ralph Northam and Attorney Gen. Mark Herring.

Our nation does, however, have room for racial reconciliation. It has room for healing, growth, trust, and understand amongst all races and people, no matter their ethnicity, creed, or where they were born.

Gov. Northam is seeking to learn more about racial reconciliation and take actions to bring people together for the common good of this great Commonwealth. There are many ways this can be achieved — one of which lies in the Heart of Virginia near the geographic center of Buckingham County.

Gov. Northam can cease the environmental racism and great injustice that is being besieged upon Buckingham County’s Union Hill Community — one made up of mostly older African-American people. Northam can come to the Buckingham County’s Union Hill Community, meet with its people, hear their stories, understand their point of view, and learn about how the negative impacts of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline and its monumental, harmful compressor station will impact people of color.

Northam can do something about this issues, one that depicts systemic racism that big companies with big money can deliver to rural, impoverished areas, such as Buckingham County.

Northam is urged to reconsider the statements by his own Advisory Council for Environmental Justice (ACEJ) that explicitly recommended that you “direct DEQ to suspend the permitting decision for the air permit for the Buckingham compressor station pending further review of the station’s impacts on the heath and the lives of those living in close proximity.”

Not only is this an issue premised on environmental and racial inequality in the truest form, but a moral compass that we call on the governor to examine and use in his call for support from Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanics, and all races and all people.

As the governor, who we supported when he ran for lieutenant governor and governor knows, actions speak louder than words. The actions of Northam becoming directly involved with this racial injustice and calling for a strict, comprehensive review of this project — with reconciliation in the forefront of his mind — would show his words mean action.

We not only call on Northam to take such action, but the Attorney General, who has vast constitutional powers to become involved in this matter. Just as Northam understand, so does Herring, in that his actions will speak much, much louder than their apologies and regrets.

Regarding Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, we call for a complete and full investigation into the allegations made against him by the proper authorities. The accusations are disgusting, and have no place in any political party, any governing body, nor anywhere in America. We hope due process will take its course in regards to Fairfax, and that he will fully comply with all investigations made against him.

Buckingham County is a great place to live, work raise a family and enjoy the country and what it offers. It’s a fair place. We hope and pray our elected officials, namely Northam, Fairfax and Herring, will make it fairer through their actions in racial reconciliation.”

By Order of the Buckingham Democratic Party

Louise C. Davis



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