The Farmville Herald, October 21, 2020 “Buckingham – There’s gold in them thar hills” Good coverage! Read here.

Check out Sean Tubb’s podcast Charlottesville Community Engagement – October 13, 2020: Gold mining in Buckingham; Charlottesville gets a new fire chief; voter registration system down statewide.

Sandy Hausman of National Public Radio interviews Hanuman and Chad. “Buckingham Poised to Battle a Gold Rush”. October 9, 2020.

…Residents of Buckingham County spent six years fighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  Now that it’s been canceled, residents are facing a new challenge. Buckingham sits at the center of the state – a county of about 17,000 people.  Its main product is timber, but as early as 1832 prospectors were finding gold here – part of a vein that runs from South Carolina to Nova Scotia. Listen or read here.

The Farmville Herald published an article about our plight. “Friends of Buckingham concerned about gold mining” October 8, 2020. Read here.

SC gold mine broke pollution law after pledging not to, DHEC says


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