One of the 50 people in a town meeting hall – so crammed he had to stand – asked how many of his fellow citizens wanted to form a group to express their safety concerns and demand answers from the company that planned to plant a new natural gas liquids pipeline. Almost everyone shot a hand toward the ceiling.

As Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P. begins construction oe 350-mile Mariner East 2 pipeline, which the company says is necessary to meet demand for natural gas products and to bring jobs to the region, residents in Thornbury Township, Delaware County, a prosperous community of 8,000, are making plans to at least slow down what they can’t seem to stop.

Activists in Thornbury and West Goshen Township, Chester County, two of the 18 towns in the pipeline’s path, have hired attorneys and have sent notices to municipal officials that they are invoking an infrequently used statute that allows private citizens to sue companies for alleged violations of town ordinances.

Eric Friedman, who attended last week’s Thornbury meeting, urged township officials to enforce local zoning ordinances that he says the Mariner East 2 pipeline project would violate.

Friedman, president of the Andover Homeowners’ Association, said the pipeline route would take away legally guaranteed open space. Residents have notified officials that if they didn’t act by March 12, the homeowners might resort to the courts.

Read More – Michaelle Bond, Staff Writer – 03.05.2017

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