Reynolds is retired from a global engineering and technology company. He lives in Roanoke.

Will “The Virginia Way,” that shameless, slippery, insider relationship between Gov. Terry McAuliffe, his administration, a host of our General Assembly members, and several special-interest corporate powerhouses in Virginia, including Dominion Power, live in perpetuity? Or will bold, honorable citizens of the commonwealth decide one day that they have endured enough of this slippery mess.

Thank God for solid investigative work performed by vigilant groups and citizen organizations that power disclosure of timely bombshell environmental information, such as conveyed in the comprehensive new document titled “NEW BRIEFING: Atlantic Coast Pipeline Would Require Extensive Mountaintop Removal,” to be found on the Chesapeake Climate Action Network website at

Any Virginian, who has a vested interest in the beauty, environment, and ecological welfare of the Commonwealth of Virginia and citizenry, should be stunned, appalled and alarmed at the now-disclosed thirty-eight mile mountaintop deep-scalping that will occur from the proposed, unneeded, and climate-damaging fracked-gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

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