This is what Environmental inJustice looks like. Read both reports. Lakshmi Fjord, PhD lays out the history of attack, omissions, falsifications surrounding the siting of the proposed ACP Buckingham compressor station [BCS] by local, state, federal agencies and Dominion.

Fjord Union Hill Community Household Study 12-17-18 Lakshmi Fjord

Because the air permit application is under close scrutiny, Dominion has attempted to charge up its good neighbor image, but only makes more obvious their long history of bribing and buying out communities impacted by their dirty business, as they cannot win on a level playing field. Sadly, none of the Union Hill Community folks want this compressor station. But they believed in the good will of the respected and well loved Basil Gooden, who grew up in Union Hill, went to school and church here with neighbors and family. A local man, who ‘done good’, ascending to the position of Agriculture Secretary under Governor McAuliffe. After McAuliffe left office, he found a job as a consultant for Dominion, and accepted the questionable, unenviable task of offering the community the best deal he could get them out of a rotten situation – “just in case this CS gets approved.” This is the $5.1 M promised by Dominion to the community if the compressor station were to be built, that you’ve read about in the papers. Cloaked in good neighborly, community engagement… The attached report chronicles all the meetings that Dominion had with Buckingham people, as if this shows that we are in support of their project. Just the title of it, says so much.

Dominion Community Engagement Report

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