Please join us to learn about the threat of modern gold mining in Buckingham, the gold-pyrite belt in Virginia and beyond. Find out how this affects you, your drinking water and how you can take action to stop this assault on our inalienable rights to clean water, air, land, and viable communities.

Register for this Webinar, Now! It will be aired on Tuesday, January 12, at 6-7 pm.
Hosted by Virginia Pipeline Resisters, Appalachian Voices, and Friends of Buckingham County, Virginia. We will show you a video of what we have learned. Aaron Mintzes of Earth Works will present expert mining information and you will hear from the immediately impacted community in Buckingham. Stacy Lovelace will lead our call to action. There will be time for Q&A at the end.

Interactive map of gold drilling areas and communities impacted. Thanks to Ben Cunningham of Allegheny Blue Ridge Alliance (ABRA).

Aston Bay has been illegitimately drilling for gold in Buckingham for years now. Check out what they have to say about the gold in them that Virginia hills. “We have a large package of land, partnered with timber companies who are also in the resource business. We have packages of land with lots of room for exploration and like-minded partners. So, we can get the exploration work done, make a discovery and quickly prove up the potential for a mine. We’re explorers, not miners, and our business model is to add value through exploration discovery. We want to add that value in the shortest possible time then crystallize that value by selling the project to a group with the expertise and patience to develop a mine. Virginia is a fee-simple jurisdiction, meaning no permitting is required for exploration or drilling on private lands where we have signed agreements.”   

Check out this 4 minute introductory video to our concerns about the toxicity of modern large scale gold mining. Thanks to Ananda Jeff Kamen for pulling this together on very short notice.


Bonnie Gestring, the Northwest Program Director for Earthworks, presents on modern mining techniques and their perils for the local communities and the environment. Check out this video: The Dirty Truth about Modern Cyanide Gold Mining        



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